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Students, Faculty & Staff
On Campuses Across America

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When you’re facing accusations, discrimination, or injustice in higher education, it’s difficult to know where to turn. It is important to speak with an attorney who understands your unique situation and has a significant history of success representing students, faculty, and staff members at educational institutions across the United States. You have rights, and we are here to protect them. You need a powerful combination of legal acumen, academic experience, and compassionate counsel to protect you and fight back. We have helped so many just like you. We want to hear from you next.

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A Relentless

Pursuit of Justice

At Allen Harris, your rights are paramount to us. We are fully committed to defending you against threats to your legal rights, as well as your reputation. Whatever challenge you face in an educational setting, we have the experience and skill to protect your integrity, dignity and freedom.

We Represent The Rights of Students

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We Represent The Rights of Faculty & Staff

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Our Team


Allen Harris is the collaboration of Michael Thad Allen and Samantha Harris, two attorneys with unique experience in higher education who saw an opportunity to forge a powerhouse legal team, ready to take on any campus injustice.

Michael Thad Allen

Michael Thad Allen came to representing students and employees of higher education after over a decade in academia as a professor where he witnessed a small sample of the injustice and inconsistencies plaguing campuses across America. Since starting the practice of law after graduating from Yale Law School, he has quickly established a track record of success.

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Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris has focused her practice on free speech and civil rights on campus for over 15 years. Having a reputation as a champion for students and faculty alike, Attorney Harris also works to educate others about student and faculty rights through multiple mediums including television, radio, print, and public speaking.

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Students’ Rights

Allen Harris champions the rights of students across the United States. Our firm adamantly believes in free speech and due process, and our focus is on ensuring that institutions protect the rights of all students, whether victims or the accused.

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Faculty & Employee Rights

Allen Harris recognizes the challenges facing faculty and staff at educational institutions. Whatever your role, you deserve the same focused attention on protecting your rights.

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