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Allen Harris Law’s Michael Thad Allen Represents Timothy Jackson

Allen Harris Law’s Michael Thad Allen was in the news recently for representing Timothy Jackson. Timothy Jackson is a University of North Texas professor who was accused of “racist acts” and of fomenting a racist academic attack on a fellow music theorist. Timothy Jackson is a tenured music professor, the…
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It Bears Mentioning: Is music theory really #SoWhite?

One dustup over antiracism these days has been inspired by an Austrian music theorist who died 86 years ago. Heinrich Schenker’s music theory is still widely taught today. He was a genius – and also an open racist who wrote extensively of his sentiments thereabout in uncompromising language. Musicologists have commonly…
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New York Times: Obscure Musicology Journal Sparks Battles Over Race and Free Speech

A scholar’s address about racism and music theory was met with a vituperative, personal response by a small journal. It faced calls to cease publishing. A periodical devoted to the study of a long-dead European music theorist is an unlikely suspect to spark an explosive battle over race and free…
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University of Tennessee Pharmacy Student Sues School Over Discipline for Social Media Posts

Kimberly Diel, a University of Tennessee pharmacy student, recently filed a first amendment lawsuit against the school, alleging the university expelled her because she posted on her private, personal social accounts the school deemed too sexual.  The pharmacy school complained that this was “unprofessional.”  It is all too common that…
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Legal Insurrection: UConn Must Pay $63,000 to Victim of Title IX Kangaroo Court

One way to make colleges stop using kangaroo courts is to make it financially painful for them. Nearly a year after a male student and University of Connecticut jointly submitted a plan to end his litigation against the school for its sexual misconduct investigation, the judge in the case has figured out…
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