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Study finds self-censorship is rampant among college students

The Supreme Court has called America’s colleges and universities “one of the vital centers for the Nation’s intellectual life,” where “free speech and creative inquiry” are of the utmost importance. But can you exercise that right at your college or university without fear of censorship or punishment? According to a…
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Allen Harris Law’s Samantha Harris Helps Graduate Student Fight for Freedom of Conscience at Princeton Theological Seminary

Allen Harris Law’s Samantha Harris was recently featured in an article about Timothy Keiderling, a graduate student at Princeton Theological Seminary who fought back against PTS’s efforts to make him attend so-called “anti-racist” trainings that conflicted with his religious beliefs – and won. PTS required its students to participate in…
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Allen Harris Law’s Michael Thad Allen Represents Timothy Jackson

Allen Harris Law’s Michael Thad Allen was in the news recently for representing Timothy Jackson. Timothy Jackson is a University of North Texas professor who was accused of “racist acts” and of fomenting a racist academic attack on a fellow music theorist. Timothy Jackson is a tenured music professor, the…
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