Attorney Kellie Miller Featured in The College Fix Article

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In an interview with Blake Mauro of The College Fix, Kellie Miller, Esq. updates on her ongoing trial representing Dr. Michael Joyner, who is suing the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, where he was a longtime professor of anesthesiology. Specifically, the institution punished him for sharing his contrarian views with the media on controversial topics, such as COVID-19 treatments and testosterone’s effects on athletic performance. Now, the institution is asking the judge to dismiss three of his five claims, arguing it has no legal and contractual obligation to protect its faculty’s academic freedom and freedom of speech.

During the hearing, Miller stated, “[the] main question in this motion is whether Mayo is responsible for upholding their promises to employees found in their policies and procedures.” She goes on to tell the judge, “Mayo’s motion contends that it can violate these promises…whenever it wants. Dr. Joyner is tenured, and the policies at issue are part of his tenured contract with Mayo, like other policies the Minnesota courts have found binding.”

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