Attorney Andrew Cavarno Continues His Winning Streak in Title IX Representations on Campus and in Student Code of Conduct Cases

andrew cavarno

Andrew Cavarno continues to make a name for himself as a formidable advocate for students in campus disciplinary proceedings. Within just the last few months alone, Andrew has secured an uninterrupted series of victories that underscore exceptional skills as a higher education attorney and dedication to Allen Harris’s clients.

Develop the Exculpatory Evidence in Sexual Misconduct Cases and Prepare the Client to Tell a Consistent Account of the Facts

Andrew recently represented a first-generation college student who faced expulsion from a top-10 university after being falsely accused of rape under its Title IX policy. Given that this particular university is infamously unfriendly to accused students, regardless of the evidence, three other law firms advised the student to simply expect to be expelled. However, when this student reached out to Allen Harris, Andrew vowed to leave no stone unturned to prevent that from happening.

And Andrew delivered on that promise. Andrew followed a consistent playbook that Allen Harris has developed and applies to all clients, regardless of whether they are the accused or the victims. These methods favor the client who tells the truth.

First, Andrew helped the client develop the evidence. Through exhaustive evidence analysis and a detailed timeline based on provable facts, Andrew made sure the accused student could challenge his accuser’s false allegations at the hearing.

Second, Andrew prepared the client to give a consistent, accurate account of events in the hearing. This means preparing clients for the hardest questions, sometimes harder questions than they face at the hearing itself. The result is, once the hearing actually begins, students know what to expect, they are calm, and therefore they are also more credible. They let the facts show the story rather than telling the story through emotional appeals.

The student was found “Not Responsible” on all counts.

Know the Title IX Policies Better Than the School

In another case at a Pennsylvania university, Andrew was able to avoid a hearing altogether.

Representing a student falsely accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Andrew again followed the approach that Allen Harris applies to all students. He mastered the University’s processes and procedures. This enabled Andrew to guide the student through the internal processes to secure a complete dismissal of the charges before a hearing was even necessary — a rare outcome in campus cases.

In another case, a fraternity at a small private college in California approached Andrew. The fraternity faced an unfair suspension due to reports of illegal drug use. Yet many of the reports were anonymous and, as is often the case with anonymous accusations, they were unfair and unfounded.

With only two days to prepare, Andrew again mastered the school’s policies and submitted an appeal that highlighted numerous ways in which the college had simply ignored its own disciplinary rules and procedures.

The result: the college lifted the fraternity’s suspension; allowed the fraternity to resume its campus activities; and in addition, spurred a significant shakeup in the university administration because Andrew was exposed to its unfair process driven by a predetermined (erroneous) outcome. The investigator responsible for the initial report, along with the administrator who oversaw and endorsed the punitive suspension initially imposed on the fraternity, were both asked to resign.

While securing a victory for our clients is always Allen Harris’ top priority, this was a unique outcome because the college’s administrators were held accountable. And at least potentially, the college will now take care that its rules are followed by its own administrators as well as by students.

Expert Preparation of Exhibits in Campus Disciplinary Proceedings

In yet another success, just last week, Andrew represented a student from a Rhode Island university who had been unjustly suspended after a physical altercation on campus. A security camera captured the entire event. Again, the case turned on the minute examination and presentation of evidence.

With only days to submit an appeal of the suspension (the school had already forced the student to pack his bags and leave), Andrew submitted a 24-page appeal, along with a visual exhibit that enhanced the grainy security footage in a frame-by-frame analysis. The evidence demonstrated that the student had, in fact, been attacked and acted in self-defense.

Remarkably, just one week after hiring Allen Harris, the student’s suspension was reversed. He is now back on campus, where he is free to continue his education.

Rarely is the impact of an experienced higher education attorney felt more immediately than in these three cases. In each case, Andrew and Allen Harris were able to protect the client’s education.

Allen Harris proudly recognizes Andrew Cavarno’s contributions and anticipates many more successes ahead.