Student Misconduct Defense

Student Misconduct Defense

Everyone makes mistakes, and whether you have made a mistake that you now regret, or you are someone who has been wrongfully accused of misconduct, you need a knowledgeable student misconduct lawyer who can work to 1) understand the policies the university or college is going to apply to you, 2) learn the facts of your case better than the university or college itself, and 3) disprove wrongful allegations against you. Contact Allen Harris today to learn more about how our firm can help you.

Do I Need a Student Misconduct Lawyer?

If you’ve been accused of wrongdoing, you may face a wide array of penalties, ranging from simply a reprimand to a sanction that strips you of your education and forfeits your entire tuition. At times, you may even face criminal charges as well. The bottom line is that any allegation of misconduct can drastically affect your life for years down the road, and in ways you cannot anticipate at this time, which is why you cannot afford to hire just any lawyer; you need an attorney who truly understands education and cares about you and your rights.

Our Legal Services

Allen Harris provides students with a wide array of student misconduct defense services. Some of the cases that our firm handles are as follows:

  • Drug and Alcohol Violations: Along with legal restrictions on drug and alcohol use, most campuses have policies strictly regulating it. Running afoul of these policies can lead to trouble with your school and with the law.
  • Hazing: Hazing is a serious allegation, and while it can involve dangerous and foolish behavior, at other times schools will accuse students of hazing when in reality, all that was involved was a harmless prank. If you’ve been accused of hazing, your educational future may hang in the balance.
  • Cyberbullying/Harassment: Most schools have policies regulating speech both in-person and online. And while harassment and cyberbullying are genuine concerns, universities too often bring these charges based on what is actually protected speech. If this happens to you, our firm is here to defend you in any way we can.

Contact Our Student Misconduct Lawyers

Those who’ve been accused of student misconduct should understand that they have a lot to lose. We understand how difficult it was to get where you are in life today, and we will do everything to help ensure you don’t lose it all due to an accusation of student misconduct. Contact Allen Harris today to schedule an initial consultation.