Free Speech & Academic Freedom

Free Speech & Academic Freedom

The First Amendment protects speech and expression, including controversial or offensive speech and expression, from censorship or punishment by the government. First Amendment rights extend to public college campuses. Even private universities usually guarantee free speech through their policies and contracts with students, even though, as private institutions, they are not subject to the First Amendment. In today’s day and age, students with new and controversial or just unpopular views are frequently met with backlash from campus administrators. Many college administrators have set themselves up as censors who repress the free exploration of ideas, dialogue, and debate. This is unacceptable, and if you believe that your free speech rights have been violated, our lawyers concentrate on protecting free speech & academic freedom. We can help. Contact Allen Harris today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Do I Need a Free Speech & Academic Freedom Lawyer?

College students across the country are being bullied into giving up their free speech rights. Our firm believes passionately in the right to free speech. Do not let yourself be forced into submission when all you’re trying to do is share your point of view with others. Our passionate attorneys have spent more than 15 years advocating for the rights of individuals facing censorship, and we are ready to fight for you as well.

Our Legal Services

The First Amendment protects a variety of important rights to free speech and religion. Those rights are essential to our continued existence as a free and democratic society. Our firm’s goal is to protect those rights. For this reason, Allen Harris handles a wide array of free speech issues, including the following:

  • Academic Freedom Violations
  • Punishment for Speech on Social Media
  • Compelled Speech
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Freedom of Religion

Contact A Free Speech & Academic Freedom Lawyer at Allen Harris

If you believe your right to free speech has been infringed, you cannot stand idly by–you need an attorney who cares. College students should be free, especially when they are acquiring the foundations of a good education, to voice opinions and engage in meaningful dialogue. Stifling of free speech and open debate on college campuses is unacceptable. Our firm recognizes this. We have been staunch defenders of the First Amendment for years. Do not wait if your speech and expression are being censored or repressed–contact Allen Harris today to tell us your story and your goals. We will begin devising the best strategy possible to defend your free speech going forward.