Andrew Cavarno Esq.

Andrew Cavarno Esq.


Andrew Cavarno brings a unique and personal perspective to Allen Harris PLLC. Andrew first encountered the wild world of campus courts during his undergraduate years when he personally navigated a Title IX process.  A false accusation and a bogus and biased process led to a subsequent lawsuit against his university.

Amidst this lawsuit, Andrew began to assist and represent other falsely accused students at schools across the country.  Andrew leveraged his firsthand experience and dedication to due process.  This commitment to reform and justice on campus culminated in his first significant legal victory, when he prevailed against his own university, which cleared his record and opening the door for him to pursue his law degree at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law.  Andrew graduated from Washinton University cum laude.

Andrew first joined the Allen Harris team as a Summer Associate and continued to work part-time during his final year of law school.

Now, Andrew has joined Allen Harris as a full-time Associate Attorney.  He remains more passionate than ever in his commitment to upholding due process rights on college campuses. His relentless advocacy for the protection of both students’ and faculty’s rights sets a high standard for legal professionals in this specialized field.