Hazing Defense

When they think of hazing, most people picture Greek fraternities. However, hazing also takes place on sports teams and within other campus organizations. Though it may seem all in “good fun,” the truth is, the penalties for hazing another student can affect an individual for years to come. If you are the victim of hazing, this too can cause damage for years to come.

This is why if you are facing allegations of hazing, especially if the hazing led to injury or death, you need an experienced hazing defense lawyer who can fight for your rights. Likewise, if you are the victim of hazing, an attorney experienced in defending students’ rights can help you prepare your complaint and guide you through the process. Contact us today.

Do I Need a Hazing Defense Lawyer?

Hazing frequently becomes entrenched, even beloved among older members of campus organizations. They will fondly reminisce about it. But just because students consent to hazing does not make it any less a violation of campus anti-hazing policies. Most states have also introduced anti-hazing statutes. Although common rituals in any organization can provide memorable bonding experiences, hazing can be extremely harmful to students. The required activities are typically humiliating, exhausting, or emotionally taxing. Some examples may also qualify as physical or sexual abuse, subjecting perpetrators to Title IX charges as well or other knock-on infractions. If you are facing any of these charges or allegations, you simply cannot afford to proceed without experienced legal counsel.

How Colleges & Universities Deal With Hazing

It is important to understand that hazing cases can make local or even national news. The university’s primary interest will be its own reputation, not necessarily the students or student organizations involved.

Students accused of hazing are frequently the only parties without the backing of a large institution. If a hazing episode leads to a serious injury or, worse, death, campus administrators, as well as national organizations such as fraternities, typically scramble to distance themselves from the incident. A mutual blame game usually ensues. In short, they may throw you under the bus.

When negative publicity swirls around a campus hazing incident, universities may try to mete out an especially harsh punishment. This leaves the accused students with no one to turn to, even as the students cope with the loss of a friend or struggle with trauma over what they have witnessed.

Contact Our Higher Education Lawyers to Protect Your Interests in Hazing Cases

The bottom line is that all those accused of hazing should engage an attorney as quickly as possible. There is too much on the line. Disciplinary actions can result in expulsion or criminal charges. A qualified attorney can assess whether you violated college rules or state law, defend you, and minimize the impact on your education and on your future. Contact Allen Harris today to schedule an initial consultation so we can develop the best possible strategy going forward.