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The Most Accurate Movie About Campus Life in the 1990s: Oh! What a Difference Three Decades Has Made

Michael Chabon’s Most Accurate Academic Movie Ever Made Those interested in a humorous romp through a dysfunctional college’s administration might pick up the novel Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon. Chabon published Wonder Boys in 1995, early in his career before going on to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in…
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First Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds Student’s Claim Against Stonehill College’s Unfair Campus Court and for Ignoring Its Title IX Policies

Right before Christmas 2022, the First Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated a case by a student at Stonehill College, a small school of less than 2,500 students in Easton, Massachusetts who had sued after being expelled by a Title IX campus court. The First Circuit reversed the decision of the…
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Coming Soon to a Campus Near You: The Human Resource Office Will Begin an Unending Investigation for the Sake of Investigation

I. The Tyranny of the Campus HR Department At Allen Harris, we are seeing an increasing trend that attacks faculty rights on campus. Colleges and universities are ceding supervision of faculty to their human resource departments. It is a growing trend that students and colleagues routinely weaponize petty grievances to…
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