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Coming Soon to a Campus Near You: The Human Resource Office Will Begin an Unending Investigation for the Sake of Investigation

I. The Tyranny of the Campus HR Department At Allen Harris, we are seeing an increasing trend that attacks faculty rights on campus. Colleges and universities are ceding supervision of faculty to their human resource departments. It is a growing trend that students and colleagues routinely weaponize petty grievances to…
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Survey suggests college students think some speech might warrant violent reactions – even the death penalty

A disturbing new survey released late last month, conducted by McLaughlin & Associates for the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program at Yale, found that college students were surprisingly willing to say that violence might be an appropriate reaction to “hateful” views. Worse, responses to one of the questions suggest that…
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Boo! This Halloween, beware of ghosts, offensive costumes … and college administrators

As college students prepare for Halloween parties, college administrators send out predictable warnings about the importance of not offending anyone with a Halloween costume. Whitman College, for example, cautions against anything that might “trivialize human suffering or oppression” – like a prisoner costume. The University of Nebraska and the University…
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Massachusetts Private High School Forced to Recognize Student’s Rights in Title IX Case

A Massachusetts family recently scored a huge win for students against the Governor’s Academy (formerly known as the Governor Dummer Academy), a private New England high school, for breach of contract and violation of Title IX. Lawsuits against private high schools are notoriously difficult. Private high schools can expel students…
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