US college students expelled for using medical marijuana in legal states are suing their schools for ‘health discrimination’

  • Colleges across the US are being sued by former students who were expelled after testing positive for marijuana
  • The students say they have medical cannabis cards and live in states where the drug is legal 
  • Medical marijuana is currently legal in 33 states and the District of Columbia 
  • Students are caught between differing state laws, federal laws and protection from discrimination 
  • But school officials say they could lose government funding because, under federal law, pot is an illegal drug

Students who have been expelled for using medical marijuana are now suing their colleges. 

In lawsuits in Arizona, Connecticut and Florida, students have complained that they were kicked out from schools in states where medical cannabis is allowed.  

The legal challenges are coming from students studying nursing and other medical specialties who, under school policies, must undergo drug testing. 

Guest article written by Associated Press