Denton Record-Chronicle: Music professor files suit against UNT for alleged retaliation over racism accusations

Interior of a grand library with rows of books on cultural diversity in music, a central aisle leading to a large arched window, globe banners hanging, and rich wooden architecture.

A University of North Texas music professor filed a lawsuit against the university for violating his constitutional rights.

The suit comes after UNT said it would remove Dr. Timothy Jackson from his position at the head of a music theory journal, defunding the journal itself as well as the research center he directs, according to an affidavit.

The suit follows a controversy that led to accusations of racism and demands for UNT officials to investigate the Journal of Schenkerian Studies and to discipline or fire the faculty members who produced it.

Last summer, UNT graduate students and music faculty denounced Jackson and the scholarly publication he co-founded on Twitter, alleging that both were guilty of “platforming racist sentiments” in a symposium published in the journal.

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