Attorney Kellie Miller Featured in CNN Article

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In an interview with Elizabeth Cohen of CNN, Kellie Miller, Esq. speaks about the dozens of professors from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and other universities who wrote a letter to the Mayo Clinic in protest to the suspension of Dr. Micharl J. Joyner, who expressed criticism toward the National Institute of Health when speaking to certain reporters. Of note, Miller is representing Joyner.

In this case, Dr. Carlos B. Mantilla wrote a letter to Joyner that stated how his “use of idiomatic language has been problematic and reflects poorly on Mayo Clinic’s brand and reputation.” With this, Miller responded that “it’s pretty clear that use of idiomatic language would be a form of creative expression when discussing his own scholarship and research.” Miller goes on to argue that Joyner’s personnel file has “years of excellent evaluations and compliments to his collegiality and contributions at Mayo.”

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