Attorney Kellie Miller Featured in Fox News Article

In an interview with Kristine Parks of FOX News, Kellie Miller, Esq. speaks about the legal complaint by Dr. Micharl J. Joyner against the Mayo Clinic, in which he argues the health clinic violated his free speech rights. More specifically, Joyner claims that he was “silenced and punished” by the health clinic after sharing his scientific research and opinion on polarizing topics involving transgender athletes and COVID-19 treatments. Of note, Miller is representing Joyner.

The health clinic argued that Joyner’s comments to the media were not protected under their academic freedom policy, but were instead “unprofessional venting of his personal frustration…” Miller responded to this by stating Joyner’s exemplary performance reviews from the past three years were proof that the Mayo Clinic was not telling the truth about the doctor’s reputation and professionalism. She goes on to say that, “Mayo’s attempt to deceive the public regarding Dr. Joyner’s stellar professional reputation is a clear effort to distract from Mayo’s own bad faith, retaliation, and unlawful actions.”

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